Welcome, musician friend!

Are you tired of bad sounding backing tracks or poorly crafted chord progressions?

Welcome to the home of next-generation backing tracks!

Our backing tracks feature:

  • as many ‘real’ instruments as possible
  • a human feel as most tracks are played by real musicians
  • a clear structure that makes it easy to understand the chord progression

You can listen to all backing tracks on the site for free. And you can purchase crystal-clear lossless WAV files.

With your purchases, you can also perform live over the backing tracks, and have top-quality sound going through the PA for your audience. Or you could record your own improvisations using your computer, creating audio and video for the web. In this case the lossless files allow you to compress your content without suffering from multiple compression passes.

Our very standard 16-bit 44.1kHz wav files also work really well with looper pedals, if it has the ability to load files from memory cards or USB sticks.

And once you’re ready, record yourself and share the result in the track comments or on our YouTube channel!

Should you have any question, please feel free to use our contact form. We are also available for custom work, contact us for a quote.