HQBT-013 Harmonized C Major scale




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This is the perfect backing track to practice scales and arpeggios over the C Major scale.

Modes are easy – once you understand the logic! The notes are always the same, only the root note changes. Consider modes as “sub-scales” of a “mother-scale”, in this case the C Major scale.

Of course, each of this sub-scale and its arpeggios has a different color, and this is where things become interesting.

This track and the kind of practice involved is meant to train your ears and fingers over each mode, and the role of each chord in the harmony.

Practice scale and arpeggios in quarter notes, eighth notes, triplets, sixteenth notes. Work over one or two octaves, or more. Create your own exercises. Go up two notes, down one note. Go up in arpeggios, down with the scale. Vary rhythm patterns. There is no limit to the number of exercises you can imagine when mixing up notes and rhythm!!

Now of course, once you’re done with C Major, take care of the other keys! Move up or down the circle of fifths, this is what makes most sense, in order to gradually add alterations to what you know.

Have a look at Wikipedia for more explanations about modes: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mode_(music)#Modern_modes And there are tons of other YouTube videos about modes!


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