HQBT-021 Slow Blues in Am




Purchase the lossless .WAV file for this backing track! CD-quality 16-bit 44.1kHz stereo

This backing track is based on the chord progression of “As the years go passing by”, first recorded by Fenton Robinson in 1959 and then recorded by many blues legends such as Albert King, Gary Moore and Jeff Healey, only to name a few.

The track takes a minimalist approach in order to leave room for the soloist(s).

The A minor pentatonic scale will of course work all along, you could then spicy it up with secondary dominants, like playing over A7 before resolving to D minor.

There are no 6ths in the chords in order to leave them up to you. Play A dorian over A minor, then A aeolian over D minor (or, of course, D dorian).


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